2021 ESpinRed School on Spintronics – Program

Program (Download here)

May 17th – Introduction 

15:00 hWelcome and technical comments
Fernando Bartolomé (CSIC – U. Zaragoza)
15:20 hWhy Spintronics
Jairo Sinova (U. Mainz)
16:25 hSpin dependent transport: GMR and TMR
Jose Mª de Teresa (CSIC-U Zaragoza)
17:30 hSpin injection, transport and manipulation
Félix Casanova (CIC-Nanogune)

May 19th – Magnetization Dynamics  

15:00 hMagnetization Dynamics and Damping (IEEE-MS Distinguished Lecture)
Tim Mewes (U Alabama)
16:00 hDM interactions and skyrmions
André Thiaville  (U Paris Saclay – CNRS)
17:20 hSpin Waves Spintronics
Ferrán Macià (U Barcelona)
18:20 hFerromagnetic resonance
Adriana Figueroa (CIN2)

May 21th – Spin Orbit, Hall effects, Theory and Microscopies   

15:00 hSpin Orbit interactions and Spin Hall effects
Sergio O. Valenzuela (CIN2)
16:00 hTheoretical Spintronics – micromagn. & beyond
Joo-Von Kim (U Paris Saclay – CNRS)
17:20 hSynchrotron microscopies on spintronics
Lucia Aballe (ALBA)

May 24th – Emerging materials for spintronics: oxides, 2D systems, etc

15:00 hAntiferromagnetic spintronics
Tomas Jungwirth – (U Nottingham)
16:10 hGraphene and 2D Spintronics
Stephan Roche – (CIN2)
17:30 hMolecular Spintronics
Luis Hueso – (CIC-Nanogune)

May 26th – Spin textures and Caloritronics

15:00 hSkyrmions in atomically thin films
Kyrsten von Bergmann (U Hamburg)
16:10 hMFM techniques and spin texture
Agustina Asenjo (CSIC)
17:30 hSpin Caloritronics
Myriam Aguirre (CSIC-U Zaragoza)

May 28th – Emerging materials for spintronics: oxides, 2D systems, etc

15:00 hBasic blocks for biologically-inspired computation
Julie Grollier (CNRS – Thales)
16:10 hOxide Spintronics
Manuel Bibes – (CNRS – Thales)
17:30 hTopological Charges and Emergent Fields
María Vélez (U Oviedo)

May 31st – Contributed Flash Presentations (Students and PostDocs)

15:00 – 17:00 hSession 1
17:30 – 19:30 hSession 2

The School will take place fully on-line, and is supported by the AEI project MAT2017-90771-REDTThe lectures will be recorded and available online in our web page for future reference.